Bug Bounty Doubled - $200

No big update this week. We are getting ready for Dev Con.  Looking forward to visiting with the community.  If you want to hear more about the Catallax Trust and the next phase of our project where we'll have a decaying currency working on the blockchain please reach out to austin at catallax dot com.

We've sent another $100 worth of ether over to our Bug Bounty.  Try to get it out!

You can find the source code for the contracts here:

Pull down the repo and load them up in remix to interact with the contracts.

If this is interesting to you and you'd like to see where we are going with Catallax, please pick up my book Immortality (Purchase of a physical or kindle copy helps support this project).

Donations always accepted at:

BTC: 1AAfkhg1NEQwGmwW36dwDZjSAvNLtKECas

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