Democratic hypercatallaxy has a number of positives for the corporation.  There are also a number of consequences for the corporation, but they have been designed so that they have limited impact.


Risk Shift to Non-Zero based Risk

Hypercatallaxy fundamentally changes the risk involved in undertaking a new venture or hiring a new employee.  Some, if not all, of cash spent can eventually be recovered over time.  By paying employee's in hypercatallax dollars, corporations will be able to recoup most of their investments.  We expect shareholders to demand the use of hypercatallax as it drastically reduces the risk of doing business. 


Prefs work a lot like loyalty points.  We have significant evidence on the effectiveness of loyalty programs and much of that research should translate to prefs.  When you've spent significant cash with your local grocery store and developed a healthy income stream from those transactions, you will be much more willing to use that store in the future since you know that some of the money you spend will be coming back to you, more in fact, than if you were to change stores.

Diminishing Returns

The cost for the corporation is that they will be take on a life span.  The current corporation is immortal.  Hypercatallaxy naturalizes the corporation by limiting the long term effectiveness of the corporate entity via the natural law of diminishing returns.  The 5 Billionth dollar spent with a corporation will have much less value for the spender than the 1st dollar spent.  As a result, younger companies offering equal goods and services will become more attractive for the general public than old established corporation.  We expect this to drastically increase the evolution of business ideas and innovation.

Taxation and privacy

Legal entities will have fundamentally different accounts than citizens.  As a result they can be subject to different tax policies than citizens.  In addition, while legal entities will be able to receive private, anonymous payments, they will not be able to make them.  This transparency is the price we ask them to pay for limited liability.