Modern day banking takes wealth out of the pockets of citizens and gives it bankers.  Hypercatallaxy puts everyone back on equal footing. 


Loan PoolIng

Since your cash is going to be decaying, you may want to consider 'saving' it.  Saving money is actually detrimental to society since no one can use it while you are sitting on it.  Instead, we make it very easy for you to loan the money to someone else.  You will get the benefit of the price that someone taking out the loan is willing to pay for the loan instead of it settling on the balance sheet of big bank.

Loan BiDs

Don't worry about the bankers too much.  We've given them something to do.  They will be bidding on the money that you put up for loan. This is how you make money making loans.  Bankers make money by placing the loan with people that need money right away.  They will get prefs in these people.  This establishes a long term relationship between banker and client in a way that the current banking system doesn't allow for.