Democratic hypercatallaxy is a humanistic economic system.  The people are put at the center of our money and money works for them


Implicit Social Security

By working and spending, the citizen will build up a large number of prefs.  These prefs will pay dividends.  After a career of spending we expect this income stream to be healthy enough to provide implicit social security.  The great thing about this is that the social security does not have to come out of tax revenue.  This enables the state to focus its resources on basic infrastructure and public well-being.

Control over Government

Influence in congress is concentrated with global corporations and interest groups.  There is almost no way for the average citizen to influence the government.  The citizen veto of cash accounts gives this control back to the citizen. Only citizens who pay taxes get the right to force a veto override.  This restores democracy to the people.

The end to indentured Employment

When you work for a company and they pay your salary in hypercapital dollars, they will build up a significant number of prefs in your account.  The will be held financially responsible by their shareholders to do all they can to ensure that you make more in the future than you have in the past. Why?  Because they will be able to recoup their investment in you if they do so.

Taxation and privacy

Citizens will be able to choose who they pay taxes to.  If citizens want their rights, they must pay the tax.  Citizens will be able to both make and receive anonymous payments.  This preserves the citizens privacy.

The Profits of Banking

In hypercatallaxy all citizens and legal entities are banks.  When you 'save' your money you are really putting it up for loan.  Any proceeds from these loans will flow directly to the citizens that put up the money and not to the bottom line of big banks.