Dev Log 9 - New OpCodes and Schedule Update

It has been about a month since the last update and the reason is that I’ve been coding like crazy.

I’ve discovered some cool stuff coming in metropolis that will make Project Sigmund a much better and more useful project.  The opCodes are returndatasize and returndatacopy.  I’m going to have to start learning some assembly for this so if you have some good suggestions on where to gets started with assembly, let me know.  I want to do something like this:

bytes results;

bool testresult =, _1);

if(result == false) throw;

assembly {

// retrieve the size of the code, this needs assembly

let size := returndatasize()

returndatacopy(results,0, size)


return results;

As a result of this discovery, I’m moving Project Sigmund Back to after Metropolis comes out.  I’ve been very busy with Project MCD.  As of today, I have the contracts feature complete and there is just a bit of refactoring to come.  Then, on to the web app.  I’m don’t think I’m going to hit my original August 15th deadline, and I now would like to have it mostly ready to go by August 24th when I’m heading out to LA to participate in the Dappathon. If you are going to be there, please let me know.  I'd love to sync up and I'm still looking for a team to participate with.

The coding on these contracts is giving more perspective and I’m pretty sure that Project BMP is a no go because they just take too long to build and I really like the direction I’m going for a full featured Catallaxian set of contracts in Project Wall-e so I may just jump into those after MCD goes live.

I’ve also got a good bit of legal advice on Project CANb.  As you know the SEC ruled on the DAO and that is really steering me away from a token based project.  We’ll see if there is a good solution or not, but i’m still hoping to get the basic white paper ready to shop around at DevCon. I may have to leave the idea on the cutting room floor, but hope remains.

Here is the updated schedule

  • Project Sigmund - August 15th, 2017(delayed to after Metropolis)

  • Project MCD - October 1st, 2017(Expected August 24th)

  • Project BMP - November 1st, 2017 (DevCon3) (In jepordy of being cancled)

  • Project CANb - April 1st, 2018(Facing legal hurdles)

  • Project WALL-e - August 1st, 2018(May get moved up)

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