DevLog 11 - Catallax Trust White Paper and Release Schedule

I’ve spent the last three weeks working on the Web App for our Project MCD.  I have the functionality there and am now onto the design.  I’ve tried to simplify things along the way so that I can get things to release.

Now that all the functionality is in place I’m happy to announce the release schedule!

Project MCD is actually a project called the Catallax Trust.  The Catallax Trust is a fiat trust that will let you lock up crypto and have it paid out over time based on the price of crypto assets on the date of payout.

For example:  Put 100 ETH into a contract and have it pay out $1,000 a month for 3 years.  If the price of ETH goes up less ETH will come out each month.  If it goes down you will get more ETH, but your trust may run out of money before the 3 years is up.

These trusts are good for employment contracts, giving to charities, keeping your self-disciplined and HODLing during the fork to Metropolis and the inevitable volatility that will follow.

I’m releasing the whitepaper today, code soon, test net after that and hoping to be live by the time we get to DevCon 3.


October 2nd:  White Paper 

October 9th:  Contract Code Release

October 16th:  TestNet Release

October 23rd: Live

Please head over to this thread on our Reddit to pick the white paper apart and ask questions.

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