If capitalism is so great, why aren't we all capitalists?  In hypercatallaxy we all are.  You cannot exchange cash in the hypercatallaxy system without also receiving a form of 'capital' called a 'pref'.  You can think of these as 'airline miles for everything', or 'points'.



As you buy things with your hypercatallaxy account, you will build up a bunch of these prefs.  Each person you exchange money with will have their own account, and the prefs you get from them will be in their name.  As time goes by you will receive 'pref payments' from all the other accounts that you own prefs in.  These pref payments are made up of the decay fee that these accounts pay when they spend the money you gave them.

For example,  Say you buy a bottle of wine for $100.  You will get 100 prefs in the wine makers account.  Later, if the wine maker pays a decay fee of $0.10 on a transaction.  You will get some of this $0.10.  How much depends on how many other people also own prefs in the wine makers account.

These are small amounts of money, but they add up and over time you will begin to get a cash flow that is based on how well and how much you have participated in the hypercatallaxy economy.

Q:  What if I get a loan?

A:  Your banker will get prefs in your account.  This is cool because even after you pay back the loan the banker will want you to do well.  She will be like your own venture capitalist.  When you pay money back to him you will get prefs in Her.  You will then benefit from her making other productive loans.

Q:  What if someone I pay decides to not use hypercapital anymore?

A:  Their current balance and any payments their account receives will slowly decay back to you over time.  It may take a while.